Types Of LASER Treatments From Dermatologists

With the advancement of technology, several new techniques are being integrated into the medical field. These techniques are meant to help increase the efficiency of these medical practices that were being done using outdated and involving procedures before. One of the most important technologies that are being widely used in dermatology is the use of lasers. Laser treatments are widespread and are utilized for both medical and cosmetic dermatological practices. It is quite evident that use of Lasers is more rewarding when compared to other conventional ways. Below are some LASER treatments for dermatologists.

Acne Scarring Treatment.

Acne is a common problem for many people today, specifically adolescents and adults. Acne may not affect an individual’s health but has a significant toll on one’s self-esteem. There are several treatment options for the treatment of acne, but Laser treatment is arguably the most effective of the whole lot. Treatment options are largely dependent on the conditions of the person involved as some people are not always in the best health conditions to receive LASER treatments.

LASER treatment works on acne by stimulating the generation of collagen. LASER treatments are supposed to be scheduled at monthly intervals or any other way depending on the severity and responsiveness of the skin. The LASERs work in different ways depending on the condition as some target the glands beneath the skin. This kind of treatment stimulates these glands to produce more collagen and less oil, something that significantly reduces the formation of acne. The other form of therapy helps destroy the bacteria that causes acne. This destruction is caused by the blue light of the LASER which targets the Propionibacterium which is believed to be the leading cause of acne formation. These bacteria are always multiplying, and they do so within a short time. It is therefore important to have regular schedules so that their numbers are significantly reduced.

LASER Hair Removal.

A good number of people today shave their bodily hair from time to time. Unwanted facial and body hair can be a nuisance especially when they grow rapidly. This is a cosmetic treatment affair and people who need this treatment are required to make lesser office visits. Typically, patients need between two to six visits depending on the amount of bodily hair and the areas of concern. One advantage of this treatment is that it can be done on several parts of the body without affecting them in any way.

Before going for a LASER hair removal treatment, it is important to discuss the treatment with a qualified dermatologist. This discussion is essential as it is meant to bring your conditions to light as well as give you an opportunity to ask about the things that you are not familiar with concerning the treatment. Some issues of interest to the dermatologist include your tendency to scar, tanning behavior, tendency to get sores and the types of medicine you may have been using in the past few months. Some things that should be highlighted to you include the qualification of the administering dermatologist, the number of treatments you will need, the results to expect, potential side effects, the risk of these side effects and the cost of the treatment among others.

There are side effects associated with this treatment but following the instructions which were given to you by the dermatologist is paramount. Some of these precautionary measures include protecting your skin using sunscreen, avoiding sunless tanners and avoiding some specific drugs among others. For your safety and benefit, make a point of contacting the previous clients treated by the dermatologist in question and see how effective the treatment was.

It has been seen that LASER is an amazing technology that can be used for the highlighted issues people experience. Whenever you suffer from acne or have some bodily hair that is bothering you, consider contacting a qualified dermatology and get treated.